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1920s Black Sequin Fringe Del Mar Flapper Dress

Unique Vintage 1920s Black Sequin Fringe Del Mar Flapper Dress

Every girl ... every single girl loves to bring back the culture of vintage days in the form of fashion. The fashion of the 20th century was certainly enviable compared to today's fashion trends. The refined nature of each dress and the sophisticated accessory techniques made fashion and culture an adorable thing in every girl's life. Bringing back this trend is always a good idea as it refreshes your wardrobe and changes your view of fashion. And a flapper dress is the perfect entry. Here are some tips to consider when designing your flapper outfit:

Which shoes?

Jazzy shoes with a touch of elegance are the best shoes you can wear to your flapper dress. T-strap heels are a first-class choice. The following pictures show the first two models with these shoes and they look fabulous. Mary Jane shoes, low heel strappy shoes and thick heels are other options.

Stockings: yes or no?

A great addition to your outfit stockings that used to be worn for women who did not walk out of their homes with bare legs. Black stockings were worn during the day, and in the evenings, bare or darker browns were worn for parties and events.

hair Accessories

An absolute must when wearing a flapper dress, this is available in all forms. Studded headbands and feathered hairpins were the most popular accessories you can buy as feathers and jewelery are a must for your flapper dress.


When you look at flapper women, their jewelry is always at a minimal level. Long pearl necklaces were a legendary choice for all women. Pearl necklaces were also worn. Chunky bracelets are the type you want to choose!