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AVVA Block Heel Over Knee Tall Boots – Black Suede Style

AVVA Block Heel Over Knee Tall Boots – Black Suede Style

For a winter outfit to look perfect from every angle, make sure you pick the right accessory for each body part. From your top over a skirt or trousers to a scarf. Everything is very important (but not too much stress, just choose the winter-looking kind of clothes). Tall boots are the epitome of winter-looking accessories, and every girl likes to pull them out of the closet as winter passes by. From leather over fabric to boots with heels; Everything looks good when worn with the right clothes. You can have an idea of ​​it right Clothes down:

Very brown look

For this look you will need (to look at shades of brown only): a light brown (almost bare) thigh-high skirt, a brown plaid shirt with collar (tucked in) and brown, high suede boots.

Shirt dress outfit

Ever heard of a shirt dress? They look like somehow like this, But there are many styles to choose from, and one of them is a full arm option. Choose a sleeveless shirt dress with a layered scarf and high suede boots for an aesthetic morning look.

Sweaters and leggings

The most common and hottest outfit you can choose for your day, when you feel like "you have nothing". Choose a long, loose knit sweater / wool sweater (with a shirt underneath) and combine it with your favorite gaiters and high leather boots.

A damn fine look

Do you have a loose blouse? Great! What about light blue skinny jeans? Perfecto! How about some black overknee boots? If you have them all, you can make an absolutely flawless outfit.

Army Green

Every girl loves the color khaki green. His rough nature is both very sympathetic and sexy. Their army outfit should consist of: black skinny jeans, tall brown boots, a kaki-green dust coat, and a kaki green top.