Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Oranges Food Screen Printed T-Shirt, Graphic Tee

Hand Printed and Hand Drawn! This is a 100% cotton screen printed t shirt celebrating the many varieties of citrus fruit, such as, navel oranges, clementines, grapefruits, tangerines and cara cara oranges. The shirt shown here is natural cotton and is printed in orange ink. If you are interested in

When it comes to staple foods, it gets pretty boring, as they repeat themselves very much. Some want to completely change the direction of their wardrobe, others are choosing a smarter and more unique strategy. Creating small changes and optimizations in your regular clothing is a better way to make your wardrobe more colorful and imaginative. Designed t-shirts! It's that simple. Be T-shirts everyone's You can easily design your own garments. Some will find this task child's play, others less. If you are part of the crowd of "others," you can be inspired by the following list of design ideas:

Anime / cartoon characters

A perfect starting point for your design T-shirt ideas, characters from your favorite cartoon or anime show. Make your idea a lot cooler and more original with special effects, a touch of Photoshop filters and you have an enviable design of your own.

Tribal Prints

Tribal Printed Design T-shirt ideas have a very intriguing charm. No matter what color or style you find them, they always look somehow unique because every tribal print is made differently.


Strange as this may seem, artistic design T-shirt ideas are very popular nowadays. Hipster fashion has become a popular hit amongst young adolescents in 2017. You can either opt for a t-shirt with mandalas or a large t-shirt on the front. It's your decision.


How obvious is that? But as a cliche, as it may seem, text design t-shirt is always winning. If you have a Kickass text / phrase in mind, you can combine it with a stylish and unique font with some effects. Maybe some will buy it!