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Shae Black Slinky Split Front Maxi Skirt

Shae Black Slinky Split Front Maxi Skirt

Red Carpet Events are the best time for celebrities to whip their skirts off and rock them like a diva. So many split-rock was worn by all sorts of models and actresses. Why? The skirts are fashionable, daring and just right sexy. A woman feels strengthened when she bares her thighs in such a skirt. The design itself is beautiful and sexy to the core. If you have a split skirt and are considering how to wear it, here are some options you can consider.

Sequin party look

When the slit of your split skirt reaches to the top of your thigh as the skirt grazes your ankles, pick a short sequin top with a sweetheart neckline and put it in your skirt. Wear a mini cardigan with long sleeves for warmth and protection.

Bustiers and heels for days

A simple look that you can choose does not require much styling and accessories. Combine your split skirt (of whatever design) with a bustier for a super sensual and sexy look. Put on some pumps to complete the outfit.

Hi-neck crop top

Seeing a split skirt is a great statement piece of clothing that does not have to worry about trivia such as the choice of jewelry and so on. With a top with a high neckline and a split skirt, your look is complete and simple.

Full sleeve Hi-neck crop top

This is another look that is very similar to the first. The full sleeves on your bodice bring more attention to your skirt. This statement garment should always be in the limelight.

Draped full sleeve blouse

Wearing a split skirt is mainly because you want to put your (freshly shaven) legs in the limelight and do it right with such a beautiful skirt. So try not to wear eye-catching tops that have bare skin or sparkle as this will make your skirt unusable. Opt for a loose / wrapped silk blouse with full sleeves.