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Columbia Kitteribbit Rain Suit – Toddler Boys’

Columbia Kitteribbit Rain Suit – Toddler Boys'

Almost everyone has worn or owned a rainsuit at least once in their lifetime. If not all, then we all agree that at least the vast majority have it. In rainy weather, a rain suit is a lifesaver. However, once the rain has disappeared and the sun rises, the responsibility for cleaning and washing your rain suit lies with you.

The easiest way is to read the manufacturer's label or sticker. Most rainsuits come with a washing instruction, so you do not have to worry. If this is missing, most rainsuits are washed with cold or warm water. Also use hand wash or gentle cycle and do not throw much clothes in to avoid cramping.

You may need to rinse it twice, as the material of the rainsuit is usually hard to remove. The type of detergent also plays a role. You must use a mild liquid detergent to wash your rainsuit. Avoid using powders, bleaches or even fabric softeners. These strong materials will decompose the fabric and your rainsuit will break and tear in no time.

When drying your rain suit, be sure to spread it on a flat surface for maximum ventilation. Under no circumstances should you iron your rainsuit. The material of which it is made burns or melts immediately. This will also ruin your iron. Also, avoid crumpling, as mildew or mildew can accumulate in wet garments.

Before storing, make sure your rainsuit is completely dry. The frequency of cleaning or washing depends on how often you need to remove smells and dirt from stains on your suit. If you perform all these steps, you must wear a durable rain suit.