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Herringbone Knit Scarf

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Scarves are an integral part of any winter outfit when the weather really turns into a pain in the bones. They not only make your outfit look elegant and trendy, they also provide warmth and protection from the bitter cold. Before choosing a scarf, make sure it's made of warm material, otherwise it's really useless. A knitted scarf is a top choice for any outfit, whether formal or not. You can also combine it with clothes, which is a special feature because clothes can not be combined with anything. Here are a few modern and chic looks that can be inspired:

Skinny jeans look with knit scarf

Skinny jeans are perfect for winter wear. They keep you warm and always look trendy and complement your body shape. For this look you need: black skinny jeans, a simple, full-sleeved top, an army green jacket, midi boots and a thick gray knit scarf.

Light and pleasant warmth

Everyone wants to stay warm in winter, but it's difficult to dress up with squeamish objects. This look makes it easy: skinny jeans, knit sweaters, knee-high leather boots, a thick knit scarf and a shoulder bag.

Skirts all year round

Will you wear a skirt in winter? In this case, this look is the first choice: a black mini dress, black tights, strappy boots, a white wool sweater and a knitted scarf.

Leggings for pants

Opt for warm leggings for this look because it becomes stylish. You need: black leggings, gray wool sweater with long sleeves, dark green coat in thigh length. Opt for an oversized knit scarf for the casual touch.

Model look

Leather leggings, a black and white v-neck top, a leather jacket and a coarse-knit scarf are all you need for this look.