Wednesday , November 20 2019
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High Heels Summer Shoes

High Heels Summer Shoes

Adding style and glamor to your wardrobe is always a fun way to add color and design to your wardrobe. This exercise is especially fun if you choose high heels. With different styles, styles, and new trends, you can not go wrong if your collection contains stunning green high heels. There are as many types of green heels as this cracked print on Barneys or these St. Moritz bootees on FarFetch. Not to mention that you can not go wrong with sparkles and bows. But once you've found your perfect pair of green high heels, you can make an outfit out of it. Here are some ideas that will give your imagination free rein:

An elegant thing

Clothes and heels are the perfect combination, nobody can deny that! If you want to wear a pair of green high heels, put on a black dress (black suits any color, be on the safe side) with sequin / glitter details for parties or a subtle glamor dress for dinner parties. Other colors that mix with green are: silver, white, gold, pink. Contrast colors are: red, yellow, blue, orange, brown and purple.

Casual outfits

You can play with different shades and styles if you are looking for a pastime. Experiment with different shades of green in your look like: Blue Green Top, Jeans Cutoffs / Skinnies, Lime Green Bag, Olive High Heels and Light Green Jewelry.

If you prefer, you can create a contrasting color outfit with the above colors. Example: Banana yellow top, orange-green skirt, blue blazer, pink clutch / bag and green high heels. It's always fun to play with different shades and use your imagination to create the funniest and most innovative looks.

Neon colors are also colors that you can try, but careful ... they are dangerous. They do not fit into formal events. So put on some neon green high heels when you come to the club on a Friday night.