Thursday , November 21 2019
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Line-Style Buckle Suede Color Block Women's Sandals

Line-Style Buckle Suede Color Block Women's Sandals

I want to remind people that some people like shoe contacts before they make eye contact. Now tell me, when you see somebody putting you in, say a sweet person, do you want him to see your sandals, see the better days and just about fall apart?

Imagine now, you want the person to look at your feet, who also have seen better days, are broken and could use a really good pedicure?

I suspect that the answer to this question is "no" for most women. If it's "No, I do not care", I think you need more cats to survive your life as a single.

The important tip for all women is that clean feet are just as important as good shoes. So please invest in the health of your feet before investing in new shoes.

Let's take a lighter note, let's discuss a few trends that are irresistibly sweet and will take some of your bank balance after we've introduced you to these babies.

Sandals, with or without back strap, are both in the moment. They can be combined with numerous garments and are so comfortable that you want to wear them to everything. Good that they are then available in all desired colors. Although I would highly recommend you get them in shades of brown, cream and of course black and white are always a must.

As you can see, some of these sandals use criss-cross patterns. Another thing that is very popular in sandals today is the cutwork and stone ornaments. They make your sandals super cute and your feet more beautiful.

One last thing, do not compromise on the wearing comfort of a shoe, because that's just painful.